Creator God, whose love and compassion extends to all,
without distinction of sex or sexuality,
we offer you our lives and experiences as gay men, lesbian women, and bisexual people.
Give us strength to carry your love into a world that may reject or ignore us.
May we journey with Christ in faith and truth and justice, trusting in your eternal love.
We remember in prayer the communion of churches,
that your concern for love, justice, and freedom may be honoured by all the communities of faith …
lesbian women, gay men, bisexual people throughout the world,
especially those oppressed by hatred, injustice, or imprisonment …
those who are lonely, confused, or suicidal …. those who are deprived and have no voice …
that we may all know ourselves acceptable and accepted …
ourselves, that we may be ready to respond in love
to the needs of our brothers, sisters and all of your creation.

Jim Cotter (adapted)