Q & A

  • Will LGBC welcome support from straight people?
  • Will LGBC welcome support from anywhere in the world?
  • Will LGBC work with other organisations with similar objectives?
  • Who will LGBC not align with?
    Any organisation that permits or condones homophobia or misogyny, and/or does not uphold the nine protected characteristics as defined in law
  • Does LGBC believe in single-sex spaces?
    Yes, as provided for in schedule 3 of the 2010 Equality Act, for privacy, dignity and safety.
  • Will LGBC accept support from those who do not identify as Christian?
    Yes, if they agree with our Aims and Values.
  • How is LGBC managed?
    Currently by a steering committee.
  • Why did you launch at the LGB Alliance Conference?
    Why ever not? Their third conference was more amazing, grounded, challenging, and even larger than the first two.