Media Release: Church of England plays fast and loose with Cass Review

Press release in response to the proposed anti-bullying guidance for use in Church of England schools. We are concerned that the concerns expressed in the Cass review have not been properly addressed.

Book Review: The Anxious Generation by Jonathan Haidt

Mark Bratton reviews ‘The anxious generation: How the great rewiring of childhood is causing an epidemic of mental illness’ by Jonathan Haidt (Penguin Press, 2024) Jonathan Haidt, a prominent American moral and social psychologist, has already authored two influential books exploring the moral psychology of political and religious differences and the culture of ‘safetyism’ afflicting ...

Safeguarding: Where has it gone so wrong?

Cathy Mudge reports on the groundbreaking research of Protect and Teach and the disturbing findings.

Exclusive: Debbie Hayton’s testimony

Image from cover of Debbie Hayton's Book Transexual Apostate

“I feel more vulnerable talking about my faith than about my transsexualism” By Debbie Hayton My name is Debbie Hayton and I am an evangelical Christian. It is perhaps a sad indictment of our society that I feel more vulnerable talking about my faith than about my transsexualism, but here we are. I’ve also been ...

Press Release: LGB Christians welcome Department for Education’s proposed RSE Guidance

We warmly welcome the DfE’s proposed new Guidance on Relationships and Sex Education. We hope it will become statutory in its present form. We affirm the broad direction of the Guidance in its emphasis on scientific realities and age-appropriate limits. We accept that not everyone will agree with every detail in the Guidance. In a ...

A Scandal for Schools

Image of distressed girl sitting on a step.

Rachel Evans writes as a lesbian christian secondary school teacher with over 25 years experience about why the Cass Review offers hope, not hate.

Walking Deeper with God

Rev Glenn Martin explores approaches to deepening our relationship with God: retreats, spiritual direction and Ignatian spirituality.

Catholic Bishops show a way forward in gender crisis

Image of various logos including Cass Review, Church of England and Catholic Church

The Church of England and all other Anglican and ecumenical ‘inclusive’ organisations have yet to utter a word. Or dare they not because they have been so egregiously wrong? We at LGB Christians believe that the report by Dr Hilary Cass into the care of children and young people who are experiencing gender distress should ...

The Cass Review: response from LGB Christians to CofE Education Office

Image Featuring Rev Nigel Genders, Hilary Cass, The Cass Review Logo and cover of Valuing All God's Children Report

LGB Christians are very concerned by the influence of gender identity ideology over the Church of England.  Here, we share recent correspondence with Rev Nigel Genders CBE, the Chief Education Officer of the Church of England (pictured in the image) in the light of the Cass review. Dear Mr Genders We are an ecumenical and ...

LGB Christians responds to The Tablet editorial “Human Dignity And A Warning From History”

An Editorial from The Tablet from 11 April 2024

LGB Christians responded to The Tablet editorial “Human Dignity and a Warning from History” from 12th April 2024 with the following letter. Dear Sir, In implying that being ‘transgender’ is like being gay, viz. “a non-pathological minority variant in the human condition” (Editorial – Human Dignity A Warning Form History, 12th April 2024), and thus ...