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New York Post

Why it’s time for LGB to divorce T and Q

Chadwick Moore A battle is brewing in the LGBTQ+ community about whether the needs of plain-old LGBs are fundamentally divergent from Queers and folks who are transgender.

Church Times

Oxford University students advised which churches are ‘safe’ for LGBTQ+ peers

Francis Martin The University’s LGBTQ+ Society’s Safe Churches Team has compiled a report on 30 churches in the city, categorising each on a five-point scale according to how inclusive it is judged to be and how honest the church leadership are about their stance.

Daily Sceptic

Why I Blew Up My Life to Campaign Against Gender Identity Ideology

Helen Joyce This is the text of a speech Dr. Helen Joyce gave at Ireland Uncensored, a one-day conference in Dublin on September 16th to rally opposition to the Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill, a new law that will impose more speech restrictions in Ireland than anywhere else in Europe. The ...

Daily Mail

He dared to address the question – What is a woman? – and a top publisher cancelled his book

Professor Alex Byrne Eminent British philosopher PROFESSOR ALEX BYRNE hits back at his spineless critics who scorn free speech.


The left’s dangerous embrace of cancel culture

Umut Özkırımlı The semantic history of the term ‘cancelled’ isn’t difficult to trace. It was first used in its contemporary meaning as a line in the 1991 American crime thriller, New Jack City. It reached a wider audience with an episode of VH1’s popular reality show, Love and Hip-Hop: New York, which aired on 22 December 2014 ...

Daily Telegraph

You were right on trans issues, author tells Father Ted creator

Anita Singh The writer issued a public apology years after criticising the Father Ted creator, saying he could have ‘used his platform to defend him’


There’s nothing ‘homophobic’ about the word ‘homosexual’

Gareth Roberts Owen Jones and his fellow gender cultists forget that biological sex is fundamental to sexuality.


From Sinéad to Róisín, why blasphemous women get cancelled

Brendan O'Neill The trans persecution of Róisín Murphy echoes the religious persecution of Sinéad O’Connor.


Why is Scientific American targeting my trans research?

J. Michael Bailey The magazine is trying to discredit my rapid-onset gender dysphoria study


The trouble with conversion therapy

Dr Anna Hutchinson Anything other than affirmation is deemed abusive