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Catholic Bishops show a way forward in gender crisis

Image of various logos including Cass Review, Church of England and Catholic Church

The Church of England and all other Anglican and ecumenical ‘inclusive’ organisations have yet to utter a word. Or dare they not because they have been so egregiously wrong? We at LGB Christians believe that the report by Dr Hilary Cass into the care of children and young people who are experiencing gender distress should ...

LGB Christians responds to The Tablet editorial “Human Dignity And A Warning From History”

An Editorial from The Tablet from 11 April 2024

LGB Christians responded to The Tablet editorial “Human Dignity and a Warning from History” from 12th April 2024 with the following letter. Dear Sir, In implying that being ‘transgender’ is like being gay, viz. “a non-pathological minority variant in the human condition” (Editorial – Human Dignity A Warning Form History, 12th April 2024), and thus ...