We are LGB Christians, a new network of lesbian, gay and bi Christians and our friends. LGB Christians will defend the rights of same-sex attracted people in the face of increasing backlash, confusion, and risks caused by ideas which replace the biological reality of the two sexes with self defined, gender identities. We are ecumenical and non-party political.

Letter to Church Times about concept of gender identity in C of E schools

Letter from Sarah Rutherford on behalf of LGB Christians published in the Church Times on Friday 2nd February 2024 Sir, LGB Christians is a newly formed network of lesbian, gay, and bisexual Christians and their friends. We would like to add our voice to the concerns raised by many parents and others over the media ...

A ‘Conversion Therapy Ban’ is not a simple matter

An LGB Christians discussion paper: It is assumed by many in the media that ‘the LGBT community’ is unanimously behind a call for the banning of so-called “conversion therapy” in the UK. But the issue is far more complicated than many organisations are willing to acknowledge. Those in favour of a ban have the benefit of being able to simply repeat media-friendly slogans - which are not always fully candid or honest -  whereas those urging caution have to express lengthy and nuanced points. Here we will attempt to unpack the issues as straightforwardly as possible.

Gender Identity captures the CofE: ‘the shameful brainwashing of children’

Church House, London. Photo credit: Paasikivi, Wikipedia.
Sarah Rutherford writes,  I started looking into the whole area of gender identity ideology in about 2018.  I use this terminology rather than trans rights, which I think is confusing. What I and many others object to is the wholescale recategorisation of what it means to be a male or female with the ensuing consequences that this has specifically for women and girls and gay and lesbian people. This was when there was a proposal to permit the Census 2021 question on sex to be answered according to gender identity. Until then I rather naively thought that this whole issue would be confined to democratic states in the US and perhaps our own universities.

The dark side of Inclusivity

Perhaps it is in the post-post modernist vacuum, filled with a polarised and simplistic furore on social media over anything and everything, that identity politics and the philosophy of critical theory – where the end result is that people are either villains or victims – have taken residence.

New Year Social with Special Guest

You are invited to a free evening social in safe, friendly, and convivial surroundings on Sunday 21st January 2024, 6.00 – 8.30pm. Venue in central London Zones 2 and 3 to be given a week ahead to all who have replied. All LGB Christians supporters and friends are welcome. Numbers limited. First come, First served. ...

A place we could think and speak freely

Kate Harris & Bev Jackson
Mark Chater writes: "Then the thumping music started, Kate Harris (LGBA's co-founder) strode on to the stage dressed in a bright orange suit, and immediately there was a wordless surge of joy: we were home, with our own people, lesbian women, gay men, and bisexuals, all together in a place where we could speak freely, think freely, and reach clarity about who we are in the world. Read more...

A Question of Courage

We were proud to launch LGB Christians at the third LGB Alliance Conference on 27th October 2023 with a stall, one among many, in the busy conference lobby at The Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster. A few days earlier we released a press release and unveiled our website, with a mailing to nearly 500 ...

Friendly faces at the LGB Alliance Conference

It was wonderful to see so many friends and supporters at our stand at the LGB Alliance conference on 27 October, where we officially launched the LGB Christians network. It was particularly good to catch up with some well-known faces, including (from top left): Barry Wall, EDUJester blogger and Youtuber; Sarah Mapstone, campaigner, Maya Forstater, ...

Join our launch at the LGB Alliance Conference – 27 October 2023

BOOK NOW LGB Christians launches on Friday 27 October at the third LGB Alliance Conference in Westminster, Central London. The conference, ‘A Question of Courage’ will feature expert speakers including Simon Edge and Simon Fanshawe, two of our supporters.  They will be debating the most important issues of the day for lesbians, gay men and ...

Press Release: LGB Christians Launches

New National Network to support gender-critical lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians - “LGB Christians has come into existence because of numerous conversations, personal experience, much listening and extensive research. As Christians we accept and reaffirm the existence of biological reality as part of God’s creation; we are born men or women, not ‘assigned’.

Same-sex attracted Christians are now caught between two competing orthodoxies

Revd Lorenzo Fernandez-Smal writes: Gender ideology is a system that not only requires faith from its believers, but mute obedience from everyone else. It seeks not only to silence dissent politically, but a big part of its activism is also centred around queer theory and therefore around redefining words and meanings to change perceived heteronormative power structures. It robs those who oppose it from their vocabulary: woman, man, sex, gay, lesbian. Queer is not a sexuality, it's an activist identity, a badge of sophistry.

Hopeful exchanges at The Tablet

Hopeful exchanges are happening at The Tablet, the international Catholic weekly paper. On the 30th September an article by Professor Emerita Tina Beattie, a retired theologian, sounded a note of caution about opening up uncritically to the full spectrum of LGBTQ+. Tina Beattie has strong credentials as a theologian who has repeatedly challenged the Catholic ...

Grandad’s Pride – Liberalism’s Shame

Tina Beattie writes about the troubling fact of review censorship. She says: “I’ve spent weeks thinking about how to express my concerns over Harry Woodgate’s award-winning book, Grandad’s Pride, written for children with a reading age of 3+ (Amazon US) or 4+ (Amazon UK). I’ve pored over it, trying to see it through different eyes, ...

The New Pharisees

In the past, The Edinburgh Fringe did not shy away from cutting edge or controversial performances, so it was a great surprise to Graham Linehan – who, as creator of Father Ted, was used to taking flak from the Christian Right – when calls for his ‘cancellation’ came instead from the Left. These “Identitarians” are, ...