Academic Freedom

The dark side of Inclusivity

Perhaps it is in the post-post modernist vacuum, filled with a polarised and simplistic furore on social media over anything and everything, that identity politics and the philosophy of critical theory – where the end result is that people are either villains or victims – have taken residence.

Almut Gadow – standing against indoctrination and for academic freedom

My name is Almut Gadow. For almost 10 years, I taught law at the Open University. I was dismissed for questioning new requirements to indoctrinate students in gender identity theory, in ways which, I felt, distorted equality law and normalised child sexual exploitation. I am bringing an employment tribunal claim arguing that I was harassed, ...

Academic freedom for feminists

I’m an academic who has been researching the silencing, discrimination and harassment of female academics who raise questions about gender identity theory, including those that are ‘gender critical’ such as myself. As a consequence, I have been ostracised, subjected to false complaints, had my research stopped, my research data taken away, and I have lost ...

Challenging Bullying and Discrimination at the Open University

I’m a PhD student, studying the history of housing in North Kensington, who’s been bullied, harassed and victimised at the Open University for my disabilities and gender critical views.

Support Lecturers and Respect Students

I am taking BIMM Ltd to tribunal. I have been bullied, victimised and discriminated against, and punished for doing my job; caring about students and encouraging critical thought.

Free Speech Matters

I challenged Bath Spa University’s refusal to allow me to research people who reverse gender reassignment, fundamentally on the basis that it might attract unpleasant comments on social media.

Fight for Academic Freedom of Speech to discuss Sex and Gender

I’m Rachel Ara, an artist who has exhibited work internationally, and been artist-in-residence at the V&A. I’m know for my large scale works that intersect feminism, technology and question systems of power. I’ve been part of the LGBT scene for over 35 years. As a feminist, I believe that biological sex matters socially and politically ...