Fight for Academic Freedom of Speech to discuss Sex and Gender

I’m Rachel Ara, an artist who has exhibited work internationally, and been artist-in-residence at the V&A. I’m know for my large scale works that intersect feminism, technology and question systems of power. I’ve been part of the LGBT scene for over 35 years. As a feminist, I believe that biological sex matters socially and politically and should be protected legally. In November 2019, as a response to hostility towards me on social media for expressing these views, Oxford Brookes University no-platformed my guest lecture. I’m asking for your help to apply for a judicial review, to bring Oxford Brookes University to account for no-platforming me; and, for having policies in place which threaten academic freedom and inhibit critical discussion of sex and gender. It’s because of the culture these policies have created that I feel intimidated at the possibility of returning to speak again at Oxford Brookes (or any other institutions that are adopting such policies).