Cancel Culture

New York Post

Why it’s time for LGB to divorce T and Q

Chadwick Moore A battle is brewing in the LGBTQ+ community about whether the needs of plain-old LGBs are fundamentally divergent from Queers and folks who are transgender.

Tough Crowd: How I Made and Lost a Career in Comedy

By Graham Linehan   Available from Eye Books

Having cut his teeth in music journalism, Graham Linehan became the finest sitcom writer of his generation. He captured the comedy zeitgeist not just as the co-creator of Father Ted but also with The IT Crowd and Black Books, winning five Baftas and a lifetime achievement award. Then his life took an unexpected turn. When he championed an unfashionable cause, TV commissioners no longer returned his emails, showbiz pals lost his number and his marriage collapsed. In an emotionally charged memoir that is by turns hilarious and harrowing, he lets us into the secrets of the writing room and colourfully describes the high-octane atmosphere of a sitcom set. But he also berates an industry where there was no one to stand by his side when he needed help. Bruised but not beaten, he explains why he chose the hill of women and girls’ rights to die on – and why, despite the hardship of cancellation, he’s not coming down from it any time soon.

Same-sex attracted Christians are now caught between two competing orthodoxies

Revd Lorenzo Fernandez-Smal writes: Gender ideology is a system that not only requires faith from its believers, but mute obedience from everyone else. It seeks not only to silence dissent politically, but a big part of its activism is also centred around queer theory and therefore around redefining words and meanings to change perceived heteronormative power structures. It robs those who oppose it from their vocabulary: woman, man, sex, gay, lesbian. Queer is not a sexuality, it's an activist identity, a badge of sophistry.

Daily Sceptic

Why I Blew Up My Life to Campaign Against Gender Identity Ideology

Helen Joyce This is the text of a speech Dr. Helen Joyce gave at Ireland Uncensored, a one-day conference in Dublin on September 16th to rally opposition to the Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill, a new law that will impose more speech restrictions in Ireland than anywhere else in Europe. The ...

Daily Mail

He dared to address the question – What is a woman? – and a top publisher cancelled his book

Professor Alex Byrne Eminent British philosopher PROFESSOR ALEX BYRNE hits back at his spineless critics who scorn free speech.


The left’s dangerous embrace of cancel culture

Umut Özkırımlı The semantic history of the term ‘cancelled’ isn’t difficult to trace. It was first used in its contemporary meaning as a line in the 1991 American crime thriller, New Jack City. It reached a wider audience with an episode of VH1’s popular reality show, Love and Hip-Hop: New York, which aired on 22 December 2014 ...

Daily Telegraph

You were right on trans issues, author tells Father Ted creator

Anita Singh The writer issued a public apology years after criticising the Father Ted creator, saying he could have ‘used his platform to defend him’


From Sinéad to Róisín, why blasphemous women get cancelled

Brendan O'Neill The trans persecution of Róisín Murphy echoes the religious persecution of Sinéad O’Connor.

The New Pharisees

In the past, The Edinburgh Fringe did not shy away from cutting edge or controversial performances, so it was a great surprise to Graham Linehan – who, as creator of Father Ted, was used to taking flak from the Christian Right – when calls for his ‘cancellation’ came instead from the Left. These “Identitarians” are, ...


Cancelling our comedy show proves the point

Andrew Doyle Comedy Unleashed has had its Edinburgh Fringe show called off