In Defence of Academic Freedom

We are academics and the directors of the documentary feature Adult Human Female, the first UK film to explore the clash between women’s rights and trans activists promoting gender identity claims. Scheduled screenings of our film have twice been cancelled by protestors at the University of Edinburgh. On both occasions the Edinburgh branch of the Universities and College Union (UCU) denounced the film as ‘hate speech’ and ‘transphobic’. We are members of UCU and yet the union has treated us and the film as beyond the pale and unworthy of a place on campus. We are raising funds to bring an employment tribunal claim against UCU for unlawfully discriminating against us because of our protected ‘gender critical’ beliefs. UCU champions those who believe that men who identify into the opposite sex should be treated in policy and law as women. We believe that this view is harmful to women’s sex-based rights. UCU not only disagrees with our position but opposes our right to screen the film and discuss the issues.