Chair of SEEN sued for saying ‘only women menstruate’

I’m Elspeth Duemmer Wrigley.  I work for an arms-length body to a government department (part of the Civil Service) and love my job.   I’m also gender critical, and chair of a governmental department SEEN  (Sex Equality and Equity Network).  SEEN represents those who are gender critical in our workplace. The case has been brought ...

Help Emma Sue David Lloyd Clubs

At a meeting in April 2023 we were shown the UK Active guidance adopted by David Lloyds Leisure. This allows members to access changing rooms according to their “gendered appearance”. Had David Lloyd Leisure made their changing room policy clear to us up-front we would never have joined. We have since taken our daughters and ...

Let women play pool

We are a group of female players from across the UK and abroad, ranging from young to old with a passion for playing pool, striving to regain fairness for female-born players in the women’s category.

Almut Gadow – standing against indoctrination and for academic freedom

My name is Almut Gadow. For almost 10 years, I taught law at the Open University. I was dismissed for questioning new requirements to indoctrinate students in gender identity theory, in ways which, I felt, distorted equality law and normalised child sexual exploitation. I am bringing an employment tribunal claim arguing that I was harassed, ...

In Defence of Academic Freedom

We are academics and the directors of the documentary feature Adult Human Female, the first UK film to explore the clash between women’s rights and trans activists promoting gender identity claims. Scheduled screenings of our film have twice been cancelled by protestors at the University of Edinburgh. On both occasions the Edinburgh branch of the ...

Academic freedom for feminists

I’m an academic who has been researching the silencing, discrimination and harassment of female academics who raise questions about gender identity theory, including those that are ‘gender critical’ such as myself. As a consequence, I have been ostracised, subjected to false complaints, had my research stopped, my research data taken away, and I have lost ...

Challenging Bullying and Discrimination at the Open University

I’m a PhD student, studying the history of housing in North Kensington, who’s been bullied, harassed and victimised at the Open University for my disabilities and gender critical views.

Gender critical lesbian discriminated against by local authority

I qualified as a social worker in 2007. I’m currently employed as a Social Work Manager by Cambridgeshire County Council. I am a lesbian who believes that sex is binary and immutable.

I was expelled by the Lib Dems. Help me return and reform the party!

I challenged governance issues in the Liberal Democrats. Rather than tackle the issues, a senior member complained against me. I was expelled under the very process I’d warned was unfair.

Fighting bias at the top of the Arts Council

I’m taking Arts Council England to an Employment Tribunal because I’ve been harassed for being gender critical. My hearing’s soon – please help me win this to beat the intolerance in the Arts.