Defend LGB Alliance’s Charity Status

LGB Alliance is one of a dwindling number of organisations across the world that focuses exclusively on the rights of LGB people. We believe we are now the only group in the UK that defends and promotes the interests of LGB people as defined in the Equality Act (2010) – that is, on the basis of biological sex. Yet we’ve faced many threats from the day we were formed. Lies have been told, false stories circulated, and petitions have been organised against us. Our Crowdfunders were taken down, and boycotts mounted of anyone who dared to show support. The tone of claims about us has been angry and sometimes vicious. We’ve just got on with the job we were set up to do, which is to defend and promote the interests and rights of lesbians, gays and bisexuals. Now Mermaids is challenging the Charity Commission’s decision to award us charity status. We’re determined to defend what was an important breakthrough. We are therefore raising funds to pay the necessary legal fees. If Mermaids succeeds, we will have our charitable status cancelled and will no longer be able to do our job as effectively as we would like to.