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Reflections on Inclusive Christianity

Rev. Mike Starkey, Anglican clergyman, journalist, broadcaster, and cultural commentator, breaks the mold with this exceptionally well-observed piece on the 'alphabet soup' and its relationship to Christianity. "The LGBTQ+ acronym has expanded over time, from the early clustering of LGB in the 1980s to its present form. The lobby group Stonewall added the T as recently as 2015. There are many forms of the acronym in use today. I use LGBTQ+ here as it’s the version currently approved by Stonewall," he writes exclusively for LGB Christians...

A ‘Conversion Therapy Ban’ is not a simple matter

An LGB Christians discussion paper: It is assumed by many in the media that ‘the LGBT community’ is unanimously behind a call for the banning of so-called “conversion therapy” in the UK. But the issue is far more complicated than many organisations are willing to acknowledge. Those in favour of a ban have the benefit of being able to simply repeat media-friendly slogans - which are not always fully candid or honest -  whereas those urging caution have to express lengthy and nuanced points. Here we will attempt to unpack the issues as straightforwardly as possible.

New York Post

Why it’s time for LGB to divorce T and Q

Chadwick Moore A battle is brewing in the LGBTQ+ community about whether the needs of plain-old LGBs are fundamentally divergent from Queers and folks who are transgender.

Friendly faces at the LGB Alliance Conference

It was wonderful to see so many friends and supporters at our stand at the LGB Alliance conference on 27 October, where we officially launched the LGB Christians network. It was particularly good to catch up with some well-known faces, including (from top left): Barry Wall, EDUJester blogger and Youtuber; Sarah Mapstone, campaigner, Maya Forstater, ...


The Supreme Court Just Made Same-Sex Marriage More Vulnerable to a Challenge

Philip Elliott The Supreme Court on Friday decided Lorie Smith’s fears were grounded in some version of a paranoid reality.

NBC News

Iowa couple behind landmark same-sex marriage ruling worries about the future

Aaron Franco and Steven Romo Kate and Trish Varnum were legally married 14 years ago in Iowa, but the current political environment has renewed their fears about losing marriage rights.


What Will Happen to Same-Sex Marriage Around the Country if Obergefell Falls

Jasmine Aguilera When the Supreme Court overturned the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade this summer, Justice Clarence Thomas’s concurring opinion named several other cases he wants the high court to reconsider, including Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 case that made same-sex marriage legal in every U.S. state.

Defend LGB Alliance’s Charity Status

LGB Alliance is one of a dwindling number of organisations across the world that focuses exclusively on the rights of LGB people. We believe we are now the only group in the UK that defends and promotes the interests of LGB people as defined in the Equality Act (2010) – that is, on the basis ...

Lesbian Visibility Everywhere

We are a lesbian group campaigning for lesbian visibility, lesbian rights and lesbian community.

The End of Gender

By Debra Soh   Available from Simon & Schuster

Is our gender something we’re born with, or are we conditioned by society? In The End of Gender, neuroscientist and sexologist Dr. Debra Soh uses a research-based approach to address this hot-button topic, unmasking popular misconceptions about the nature vs. nurture debate and exploring what it means to be a woman or a man in today’s society.