Worthy of Respect in A Political Party

Six months ago, on 2 Feb 2022, I initiated a course of legal action against the Green Party of England and Wales. At the heart of this case is my unjust treatment as the Green Party national spokesperson for Policing and Domestic Safety. Following my appointment, on 7 June 2021, I was subjected to a coordinated campaign of discrimination and victimisation because of my gender critical beliefs, which are protected under s.10 of the Equality Act. This campaign of discrimination was conducted, induced or aided by members of the Party including by officers, elected representatives and committee members. A group of officers, after failing to amass enough votes to remove me at the Executive meeting of 24 June 2021, engineered a new series of processes through which to further target me. In Oct 2021, following a leadership contest triggered by the resignation of both Co-leaders, I was asked to address some concerns about “trans rights” under a newly formed Spokesperson support and monitoring group. Unknown to me this Group had an ulterior motive, quite independently of my capacity to defend my statements as a spokesperson. In the words of the joint Coordinators for Equality and Diversity: