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Chair of SEEN sued for saying ‘only women menstruate’

I’m Elspeth Duemmer Wrigley.  I work for an arms-length body to a government department (part of the Civil Service) and love my job.   I’m also gender critical, and chair of a governmental department SEEN  (Sex Equality and Equity Network).  SEEN represents those who are gender critical in our workplace. The case has been brought ...

The Reckoning: How the Democrats and the Left Betrayed Women and Girls

By Kara Dansky   Available from Amazon

Democrats and the establishment Left have abandoned and betrayed American women and girls on the altar of “gender identity,” doing untold damage in the process. It’s time for liberals and progressives—especially feminists and free speech advocates—to hold them accountable. In The Reckoning, Kara Dansky, a radical feminist and lifelong Democrat, exposes the invasion by men into female-only spaces, the harming of children, and the silencing, punishment, cancellation and even violence against women who speak out. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party, which claims to represent the interests of women, ignores the problem, while its allies in the organized Left and mainstream media paint all opposition to the “trans” agenda as “right wing.” But radical feminists are not “right wing.” They are leftists who know that sex is real and are not afraid to demand women’s hard-won rights to safe spaces and privacy. The Democrat-Left wing establishment knows all the ways in which “gender identity” harms women and girls—and plenty of boys. Yet they are sacrificing women and children to a vicious profit-driven industry that allows men to invade women’s spaces and sports, denies that sex is real, and slices up children’s bodies. Now the Democrats are facing a reckoning. Detransitioners are starting to speak out, clinicians are blowing the whistle, and women and girls, including many lesbians, have had it. Even now, the tide of common sense and decency is starting to turn in other countries that have banned harmful medical and surgical procedures for underage children and a handful of Democrats are bucking the trend at the state level. Elected Democrats will later claim they didn’t know, that they couldn’t have known, that the science has changed. But they knew. They have known all along. This book provides the evidence.

From the ‘Neutral’ Body to the Postmodern Cyborg: A Critique of Gender Ideology

By Silvia Guerini   Available from Spinifix Press

If the human being is allowed to be genetically manipulated and made by artificial means in the laboratory in an unstoppable crescendo of experimentation, what will be left to defend? This book is a radical critique of gender ideology and transhuman design. Silvia Guerini shows how the TQ+ rights agenda is being pushed by eugenicist capitalist technocrats at the top of Big Business, Big Philanthropy, Big Tech and Big Pharma companies. She argues that dissociation from our sexed bodies leads to dissociation from reality, with the human body transformed into a permanent construction site besieged by synthetic and artificial interventions. Erasure of the material dimension of bodies and sexual difference is an erasure of women. She explains how fundamental struggles such as the fight against genetic engineering and the fight against artificial reproduction can only advance in conjunction with an opposition to gender ideology. By linking ‘gender identity’ to the genetic modification of bodies, she warns that humanity itself is at risk of becoming a synthetic life form with synthetic emotions within a virtual, fluid, deconstructed metaverse. Today, being revolutionary means preserving everything that makes us human. It means defending the living world and nature as entities to be respected, not as parts that can be broken down and redesigned in a laboratory world. The idea of the ‘neutral’ body and body modification pave the way for the construction of the post-human cyborg and the genetic engineering of bodies. Is the last bioethical barrier about to be breached to give way to transhumanist demands? And at what cost?

Sex Matters: Essays in Gender-Critical Philosophy

By Holly Lawford-Smith   Available from Amazon
Image of Book Cover for Sex Matters

Sex Matters addresses a cluster of related questions that arise from the conflict of interests between rights based on sex and rights based on gender identity. Some of these questions are theoretical, including: who has the more ambitious vision for women's liberation, gender-critical feminists or proponents of gender identity? How does each understand what gender is? What are the arguments for the refrain that 'trans women are women!', and do they succeed? Other questions taken up in the book are more applied to specific issues in law and policy including: should there be a right to exclude people who are biologically male from women-only spaces? How do the interests of all stakeholders to bathrooms, in particular, trade off when it comes to moving from sex to gender identity as the basis for self-inclusion? If we think about types of transition, or gatekeeping requirements on transition, as providing assurance to women who are asked to accept the opening up of women-only spaces to transwomen, are any such assurances sufficient? Is 'TERF' a slur, as some radical and gender-critical feminists have claimed? And finally, is gender-critical speech 'hate speech', as it has been classified by some social media platforms, or at least harmful speech?

The New Puritans: How the Religion of Social Justice Captured the Western World

By Andrew Doyle   Available from Amazon

The puritans of the seventeenth century sought to refashion society in accordance with their own beliefs, but they were deep thinkers who were aware of their own fallibility. Today, in the grasp of the new puritans, we see a very different story. In The New Puritans, Andrew Doyle powerfully examines the underlying belief-systems of this ideology, and how it has risen so rapidly to dominate all major political, cultural and corporate institutions. He reasons that, to move forward, we need to understand where these new puritans came from and what they hope to achieve. Written in the spirit of optimism and understanding, Doyle offers an eloquent and powerful case for the reinstatement of liberal values and explains why it's important we act now.

I was expelled by the Lib Dems. Help me return and reform the party!

I challenged governance issues in the Liberal Democrats. Rather than tackle the issues, a senior member complained against me. I was expelled under the very process I’d warned was unfair.

Worthy of Respect in A Political Party

Six months ago, on 2 Feb 2022, I initiated a course of legal action against the Green Party of England and Wales. At the heart of this case is my unjust treatment as the Green Party national spokesperson for Policing and Domestic Safety. Following my appointment, on 7 June 2021, I was subjected to a ...

The Green Party must respect our sex!

Image of Suffragettes

I am the co chair of Green Party Women, and I am challenging the Green Party to stand up for sense, science and our sex based rights.  In 2015, the Green Party of England and Wales passed a motion at Spring Conference that enshrines in our policies “………. trans men are men, trans women are ...

Dr David Mackereth to challenge transgender ‘compelled speech’

Photo of Dr David Mackereth

Dr David Mackereth, who had been an A&E doctor for 26 years, lost his job with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) after refusing to identify clients by their chosen gender instead of their biological sex. David said that using ‘transgender pronouns’ went against his conscience as a doctor and Bible-believing Christian.

Natalie Bird Legal Fund

In late 2018, Natalie wore a T-shirt saying “Woman: Adult Human Female” in a Lib Dem meeting. There followed an investigation and in November 2019 Natalie was “barred from holding or standing for election to any party office for 10 years” and “barred from holding or seeking to be elected to any public office on ...